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We are an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of Mamaia Norh as one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the Black Sea coast. With our clear and ambitious goals in mind, we strive to transform this area into an unforgettable place for tourists from all over the world.

With a firm commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of responsible tourism, OMD Mamaia North is the perfect partner for your journey of discovery and relaxation on the Black Sea coast.

We invite you to join us on this wonderful journey and discover the beauty and charm of Mamaia Nord resort!

Mirela Matichescu

Administrator of Mamaia North Destination Management Organization

sustainable development

omd objectives

Exploitation of tourism potential

We focus our efforts on fully exploiting the unique tourist potential of Mamaia North. Here, our guests can discover a perfect combination of the natural beauty of the endless beaches and the cultural richness of the area, offering them an authentic and memorable holiday experience.

Promoting natural and cultural attractions

Mamaia North is rich not only in natural beauty, but also in cultural and historical heritage. Through our promotional campaigns, we are committed to highlighting these unique attractions, as well as local cultural events and traditions, to provide a complete experience for our tourists.

Strengthening the tourism brand

We aim to strengthen the notoriety of Mamaia North's tourist brand, turning it into a reference destination in the hospitality industry. Through innovative marketing campaigns and strategic collaborations, we aim to draw attention to the unique charm of our area.

Increase in length of stay and number of tourists

With a wide range of facilities and recreational activities, we aim to extend the length of stay of tourists and attract more visitors to Mamaia Nord resort. By diversifying the entertainment offer and accommodation facilities, we want to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of our guests.

Support for regional tourism development

We are actively involved in the development and implementation of tourism development strategies at national, regional and local level to ensure a favourable framework for sustainable tourism growth in our region. We work closely with local authorities and the private sector to identify opportunities for growth and innovation.

Decreasing the seasonality of tourist activity

Aware of the challenges related to the seasonality of tourism, we strive to identify and implement effective measures to maintain tourism activity throughout the year. We promote special events and tourist packages in the off-season to attract visitors during the summer season.

Promoting sustainability and efficiency in tourism enterprises

We are committed to supporting local tourism businesses to promote sustainable and efficient practices. We provide advice and resources to improve services and infrastructure, helping to increase the quality and sustainability of the tourism offer.

Organisation and promotion of events

We are actively involved in organising and promoting local and regional events that attract tourists and contribute to the animation of the resort. From cultural and sports festivals to food fairs and concerts, we make sure our range of events is diverse and appealing.

Identifying financial resources for new projects

We are dedicated to identifying and obtaining the financial resources needed to develop and implement new and innovative projects in the field of tourism. We collaborate with international, governmental and non-governmental organisations to access funds and grants aimed at growing the tourism industry.



Despre OMD

The Mamaia North Resort Management Organization is committed to providing an unforgettable tourist experience based on quality services, sustainable development and the promotion of the resort’s natural and cultural attractions.

We aim to create a friendly and safe environment for visitors, supporting the economic and social development of the local community and promoting responsible tourism.

The mission of the Mamaia North Resort Management Organization is to create and promote an unforgettable tourist experience and to offer tourists a first-class destination, where quality services and a friendly environment blend perfectly with the natural beauty of the resort.

We take the responsibility to preserve and protect the natural and cultural attractions of Mamaia North for future generations. Thus, we are involved in projects and initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact and promoting a responsible approach to tourism.

In addition to protecting the environment, our mission also involves supporting the economic and social development of the local community. We are committed to working with local authorities, entrepreneurs and residents to create employment opportunities and contribute to improving the quality of life in the area.

We want Mamaia North to become the destination of choice for tourists from all over the world, known for its magnificent beaches, vibrant atmosphere and high quality services.

We are committed to developing the resort in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of the area. We want to be an example of excellence in the tourism industry, inspiring other operators to follow the same principles of sustainable development and social responsibility.

We want Mamaia North to be perceived not only as a holiday destination, but also as a place where visitors feel welcome and where they return with pleasure every time.

Therefore, we aim to develop and promote a diversified range of activities and events, offering unique opportunities for relaxation and fun for all our visitors.


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